Why use Phantom Producer?

- No new gear, nothing to learn…just a few clicks and you’re making world-class radio imaging.  Download it and it’s ready to go in seconds. For some of our customers’ comments, see the Testimonial page.


Can I use the material I make in Phantom Producer on my internet radio station?

- Yes, a bundle or subscription license allows you to use the material online, either a radio station, youtube or podcast production.  Commercial radio stations are licensed for all use when subscribing to a Premium plan.


What does it mean that Sample Packs & Bundles ‘require a Sequencer Pro license’?

- The packs that are available for a one-time fee (not subscriptions) are loaded into your Sequencer Pro account which must be licensed.  Once you have a license for the Sequencer you can purchase as many packs as you like without incurring any extra license fees, i.e: you only need to license it once.  The purchased packs will not operate with a free Sequencer account.  The Sequencer Pro license is included with any subscription plan.


Can I have more than one format on my account?

- Yes. Once you have signed up you can have as many formats or bundles as you like under the one account.


Where am I licenced to use the music in the libraries?

- The Royalty Free music is available for you to use in any synchronized production.  The published music requires you follow reporting requirements in your region as dictated by local laws.  As with all material from the service, you cannot offer any of the elements – such as music or fx, etc. - in a way that would allow other people to access the original files.  For royalty reporting information see the link at the bottom of the Sequencer page.


Is the Free service really free?

- Yes.  With limited sound files and some features restricted.  Give it a try, it’s free!


Can I opt out if I don’t like it?

- Yes.  We have made this the first imaging service that offers all the elements of a full professional radio offering without being locked into a full 12 month term.  If you’re unhappy, you can cancel and your license will expire at the end of the invoice period.  Obviously, your license to use any material from the service will expire at that time.


Are the files mastered and ready to use when downloaded?

- Yes.  All files are mixed to broadcast standards, 16/24-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo wav or an mp3.  You also have the capability to alter the level of your downloaded files should that necessary.


How do I cancel a subscription?

- Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the email address you signed up with - and let us know which subscription you wish to cancel. Your subscription will expire at the end of that payment month..