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“I have to tell you, the service you provide with Phantom Producer is a life saver.  The promos are so good and I don't have the time to produce them as well as your team does. Thanks!!”

Kent Jones - KEYF

“I love the service. As the PD of several stations, a morning show host and the Ops Manager of 8 stations, I cannot tell you just how helpful this has been to me, saved a ton of time and helps XROCK sound amazing.”

Glenner Anderson - KXLR

“Absolutely a must have for the guy that wears all the hats. With Phantom Producer, I can create fresh imaging every day in just a matter of a few minutes. Phantom Producer support made sure that the auto import feature works flawlessly for me and in no time at all, I've got a ton of fresh imaging on the radio station. Thanks Phantom Producer, you've made my day a lot easier!” 

Cooper - Eagle Communication

“I’m sitting here at me son's chess tournament creating new imaging on my iPhone.   Already knocked out close to 30 pieces while I wait!  :)
Love Phantom Producer!”

Steve Smith - WWFF

“I just want to let you know some of my thoughts after using Phantom for the first time this morning, and you can quote me:  “Holy crap, I love Phantom Producer. My job just got way easier, and it sounds like I slaved over the production for days instead of minutes. Shhh...don't tell my boss!  I made 10 custom elements in 5 minutes. If I have a creative whim during my morning show, I can have new production ready to air before the commercial break is over!”   


“Our new simulcast show was literally 48 hours away from hitting the air. Due to last minute contract negotiations and delayed VO from our voice guy, we had no idea how we were going to image an entire morning show on such short notice.  Phantom Producer literally saved our butts and allowed us to put together all the final bits & pieces in a matter of hours…not days. What a time and life saver!!”

Matt Dangerfield - Host of ‘Montana Mayhem w/Matty D & Big T’

“I’m the new PD of WBIG in Washington DC.  I just started using Phantom Producer and I have to say, your program/product is amazing.” 

James Howard - iHeart

“When I need a sweeper or quick station identifier for holidays, special occasions, or just in general for any station related idea, Phantom Producer is my go to source for quality production pieces, sfx, etc.  The convenience of being able to pick and choose each piece and have it mixed together in seconds and ready for air, is a great tool any Production pro should have at his disposal.”  

Michael Abad - Production Director-KSLX

“Phantom Producer is amazing - I whipped out 36 liners in less than an hour last night, and I feel like I've only gotten the tip of the iceberg!  Phantom is great for us!”

Renee Robbins - KMIT/KUQL

“As a 20+ year radio vet I can't tell you how much I enjoy Phantom Producer! Makes life easier, our station sounds BETTER and FRESHER, than ever! I can produce a new imager in :15 as a song is running out and its ready to go at the segue!  Thanks again for making my job easier and more fun!” 

Pete Wennes - KVIK

“You guys make my life so much easier with Phantom Producer. Love the service/amazing product.”  

Jim Davis - WKEE

“We find Phantom Producer not only a huge time saver for our multi-tasking programmers, but it sounds great on the air.  It is a great tool for adding a dynamic level to imaging your station.” 

Charlie Cook - Cumulus 

“Thanks again for the help… As you know, with smaller staffs and everyone wearing more hats, we have less and less time to work on liners and jingles. Phantom Producer has remedied that and has been a lifesaver.” 

Todd Haskell - KKQY-FM

“I love Phantom is the best imaging tool I've ever come across...THANKS!!!”   

Rick SMALL - iHeart

“I wanted to send you a quick thanks for hooking us up with Phantom Producer....I can literally produce either a 5, 10, or 15 second liners  and have on the air in just a matter of seconds...This takes the time and editing work out of my schedule so that I can work on other things pertaining to the station...Love the variety of tools and the updated songs hooks as well...True believer in Phantom Producer, thanks again!” 

Todd Robbins - iHeart Media + Entertainment

“We are absolutely thrilled with the big market sound Phantom Producer has brought to our station.  Phantom Producers ability to give us a big sound with a small staff has certainly inspired us to do better. This is amazing.”

Andrew Hill - WHUG/WWSE/WQFX

“My Imaging Director was out of the office for over a week with his wife in the hospital.  Like most PD’s that host a morning show, I don’t really have a lot of extra time.  Logging onto Phantom Producer and being able to crank out 5 music promos and have them on the air in less than 10 minutes is HEAVEN SENT.  LOVE the service, keeps us sounding tight and fresh!!  Phantom Producer has become a HUGE part in KCLD's success and our ability to keep fresh.  Kudos on a great product and thanks again for helping us to sound tight!”

JJ Holiday - KCLD

“Phantom Producer is the ultimate in station imaging!  Consistent major market sound, minimal time and expense.”

Don Kellogg - KXRR

“This is the absolute best radio tool to come down the pipe in I don't know how many years!  Everything sounds fantastic!   You guys rock! Thanks so much!” 

Eric Gill - KCIL     

“Thanks so much for turning me on to Phantom Producer! This program literally saves me a couple hours a day! On top of that it allows me to be more creative with my imaging simply because all I have to do is send in voice-work and Phantom Producer takes care of the rest!  Every week it's updated with the latest song bits which I use to make awesome music promos!  Phantom is definitely a Program Directors best friend. Thank You for making my life easier!”

Shy Tyler - KQID

“Well, it's official. The program is addictive. I stayed up past midnight last night building work parts...made around 55-58 pieces and they've all been loaded into the system and we're now 95% re-imaged on KFLY...good times.”  

Carl Sundberg - KFLY

“THANK YOU!" for Phantom Producer.  I have overhauled and redone EVERY piece of imagining on K99 in less than 2 hours.  This tool is easily the best thing I've ever used in radio!!  Thank you again for turning me onto Phantom Producer!”  

Nick Northern - KAAK-FM

“SIMPLY AMAZING!  There’s a special place in heaven for whoever thunk up this idea!  Playing with it, just a fun toy!  LOVE IT!!”

Marshal “Dallas Chambers” Blevins - KXSS 

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